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Mission & Vision

The company Mission is to enhance sustainability through converting waste and resources into customized solutions. We focus on the core principle of delivering quality products and services for the utmost satisfaction of customers and suppliers.

We transform your imagination into reality by providing new solutions and possibilities of plastic products. We aim in providing quality customized solutions as per the demand of customers for ultimate satisfaction of customers. Our company built on the passion for high value and customizable plastic resin products.  

Our Core Values


  • Transform your imagination into reality
  • Maximise resources for customized solutions
  • Develop new solutions and possibilities with PLASHAUS
  • Utilise advanced technology to optimise customised solutions

Corporate Goals and Strategies


  • Strive for sustainable growth and financial sustainability
  • Develop and customize for the Niche Market
  • Diversified business portfolio
  • Improve Core Competencies
  • Maximise Resources, minimise wastes.
  • Integration through strategic ISO implementation

We are teams of professionals that adopt new technologies to bring continuous improvement in manufacturing plastic products and maximising opportunities. We adapt constant change in technologies for continuous improvement in products as we strongly commit to excellence. We have received many awards for our work procedures and quality products.